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New Product News – 02/28/06
New from Miyano, the BX-26S gang tool lathe with two spindles offers complete part machining of complex barwork (1″ diameter and under) in a single setup. Two gang slides and a 3D linear turret further contribute to the BX26S’ precision and faster cycle times.

The BX-26S’ 3D linear turret and traverse-type identical left and right spindles, both with 5 HP, ensure stable cutting from end to end, and make the BX-26S ideal for long shaft work. High speed turning of 8,000 RPM maximum is possible by built in spindle motors and high-rigidity linear guides. The built in motors with the same collet capacity also allow faster cycle times due to overlapping operations. The elimination of a guide bushing speeds up operation time with less maintenance, increased accuracy and higher rigidity.

Ease of operation and set-up is possible by Y Axis & C Axis on either spindles with 8 revolving tools allowing Op.10 and Op. 20 machining in one set-up without handling. Tool-to-tool change time is fast; chip-to-chip is 1 second. Easy tool adjustment is also possible.

The compact BX-26S (87″ x 52″) also offers revolving tool (8 tools max at 4,000 RPM max), L-spindle brake, cut-off confirmation (by spindle torque), parts catcher & parts conveyor, high pressure coolant (160 psi), right spindle inner coolant and all axis rapid traverse (944 IPM) and an optional hinge type chip conveyor (right side discharge).

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