Cobra Metal Works – 02/28/06
Founded in 1997, Cobra Metal Works Corp. is a manufacturer of high-precision automotive components. Over the past nine years, Cobra has had a remarkable history, which includes expanding from a single location to five, achieving QS-9000 certification in 1998, receiving Supplier of the Year from Autoliv North America in 2002 and achieving ISO/TS16949 Certification in 2003.

A majority of the products that Cobra produces are extremely tight-tolerance parts that are used in automotive safety components, such as air-bag igniters. Cobra began their high-precision machining operations on a handful of Miyano lathes, and over the past nine years, their operations have expanded utilize over 100 Miyano lathes.

“Miyano not only builds a good machine, but they also help us to develop and improve our processes” says Matt Sullivan, Cobra’s Engineering Manager. “All of our plants use Miyano. We bought the first LZ-01Rs available in the United States, which are still in production in our plants.” Cobra has continued to add LZ-01R lathes over the years, including three more in early 2006.

The Miyano LZ-01R is ideal for small, lightweight parts like Cobra’s that require relatively short cutting cycles. This self-loading CNC lathe with live tools offers extremely rapid loading via the combined movements of the main spindle and the auto-loader. A built-in work stocker and other options enable long hours of unmanned operation, which is critical to a company like Cobra that typically runs 24 hours a day, six days a week.

According to Sullivan, Miyano has helped Cobra to improve their turning operations over the years. “Miyano gave us great support when we were just a two man shop” says Sullivan, “and they give us great support now that we are a two-hundred man shop.”